1954 Cessna 180 Advisory Information


2009-19-07 EQ3 cylinders cracking around spark plug boss

2009-24-51 Emergency AD concerning excessive lifter wear

2009-24-52 Emergency AD concerning excessive lifter wear

2010-11-04 (incorporates 2009-24-51&52) Lifters

2010-11-05 AVOX Systems

2012-02-08 ACSS & TCAS

CE-09-42 Taxi Light Switch

CE-10-04 Cockpit Smoke and Fumes

CE-10-11 Fire Hazard in Resetting Circuit Breakers

CE-10-14 Navigation

CE-10-19r1 Engine Exhaust and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

CE-10-21 Propeller Over-speed in Piston Engine

CE-10-22 Navigation

CE-10-25 Flammable Fluid Considerations for TKS Fluid

CE-10-33 Engine Exhaust

CE-10-33r1 Engine Exhaust

CE-10-35 Loose Equipment-Flight Compartment-Glare Shields

CE-10-38r1 Navigation

CE-10-40r1 Water contamination of fuel tank systems

CE-11-47r1 Landing Gear, Tire, Tube,  Goodyear 7.00-8.00-6.

CE-11-06 Main Landing Gear Tires and Wheels

CE-11-18 Ice/Rain Protection System Stall Warning

CE-12-14 Alternative Methods of Compliance for AD 2011-10-09(seat track)

NE-08-40 Powerplant - Original Type and Production Certificate Holder Parts

NE-10-05 Fuel Control/Reciprocating Engines Float-type Carburetors

NE-10-09 Reciprocating Engine Power Section: Hydraulic Valve Lifters

NE-11-54 Propeller System

NE-11-55 Grade 100VLL Aviation Gasoline

SB09-3 Volare Carburetors, LLC SB2 Service Bulletin

SW-11-6 Honeywell (formerly Bendix King) KRA 405B Radio Altimeter


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