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Specific Engine Information
O470 Engine Data, O470 Parts, Crank Seal Installation

General Systems Information


Web Sites

Airnav, 100LL, Area Fuel Prices

Airport-Data and Photos


FAA Aircraft Registration, NTSB Database

Flightaware, Flight Stats

Flight Planner, Sectional Map


Part Suppliers

Aero Parts and Supply (Carb Parts (214) 337-3328)

Aero Inc 800 831-5454 (try this company first for carb)

Aircraft Spruce Catalog, Aircraft Spruce Website, Bolt Selector

Chief Aircraft, Carr Lane, Composites

Lane Aviation (email + cntr-g), Kelly Aerospace (334 286-8551)

McFarlane Aviation

Professional Aircraft Services (Carb Work/Mike Grow-Amelia/(513) 732-3361)

Rivet Identification, Solid Rivets


US Wings

Wag Aero

White Salvage, Wentworth Aircraft


Local Airports
Greene County Airport i19
Moraine Airpark i73
Urbana Airport i74
Red Steward Airfield 40i
Hook Field MWO
Anderson Airfield 43OA
Lumberton Airport OH77
Fry Airstrip 00H6
Merts Airfield 30H9
Air Jordan 20i2


FAA Documents
AC43.13-1B, AC43.13-2B, AC43-210

Form 337

Change of Address
Replace Lost Certificate
Bill of Sale
Aviation Safety Reporting



Rules and Regs
Electronic Code Federal Reg