Photo Number 1 The old woven core can be seen under the gray, leather over-rap.  I had the original interior replaced in 2001.

The metal end attachment pulled out of the old core because of dry rot.

Photo Number 2 The shiny metal piece at the lower end of the gray over-rap is just to illustrate it's original position.
Photo Number 3 A closer look   The rusty old metal terminal had to be cut off of the shiny metal termination piece with a hacksaw.
Photo Number 4 The over-rap was completely removed.  The blue cover is part of the new interior and will be used to cover the repaired handle.
Photo Number 5 The missing access handle.  It's a required item.
Photo Number 6 I stopped at Tractor Supply and bought a foot of chain and a couple of couplings.  Trim the chain to the desired length, including the couplers, and attach to the original metal terminations.

The leather over-rap would have been nice but I couldn't get the blue cover over the assembly with the over-rap installed.

Photo Number 7 I slipped the blue cover over the chain and glued in place.  Works like new!  I can feel the chain when grabbing the handle but it's comfortable and solid.  And a cheap fix!!!